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Content Marketing 

Funnel organic traffic to your website via blog articles that showcase your products and services. 

  • Answer your customer's questions with blog posts that engage and educate
  • Empower your sales team with blog posts they can use in the sales process to pre-vet customers
  • Rank for coveted key words and phrases imperative to your industry. 
  • Integrate downloadables/premium content to generate leads and kick-start email campaigns


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Pay-per-click advertisements are an effective tool for garnering targeted, cost-effective traffic while your organic strategy begins to snowball (and, eventually, avalanche). 

  • Target specific client personas with high-quality pay-per-click ads
  • Enjoy quick results - more leads and more conversions
  • Boost digital brand exposure 
  • Easily reshuffled and reshaped for ultimate optimization


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Social Media Consulting

Social Media Marketing is where the digital rubber meets the road for engaged organic traffic and building brand awareness. If you want to compete on a professional level, you need a social media presence, whether that's LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, or the next big thing. 

  • We help guide you to create educational content that hooks your audience, highlighting your products and services
  • Stay up to date with the latest social media and best practices (think algorithm changes, new features, and the like)
  • Develop a publishing calendar to hit a regular publication cadence
  • Target audiences across multiple platforms through topic cluster publishing


A Little About Us

Your Sucess is Our Story 

  • Our Writers Hold MFAs

    The majority our content creators hold master's degrees in creative writing and teach or have taught at the university level. 

  • We Collaborate with You

    Your content dream and goals are our top priority. We're here to help reinforce or spearhead your content marketing strategy. 

  • Arizona Based

    Dove Mountain Marketing is based out of the community of Dove Mountain in Marana, Arizona (north of Tucson). 

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