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Boost Your Website Traffic, Leads, and Conversions With Content That Converts

Social Media Consulting, PPC, & Content Development Services

We Write. You Shine. 

How much is mediocre internet visibility costing you? Are you tired of stunted website traffic and substandard conversion rates? Does your competition have a monopoly on your industry’s keywords and phrases?

We live in a cutthroat digital world where content is king. A lackluster online presence without consistent, SEO-tailored content may already be costing you your next big deal.

Dove Mountain Marketing Services 

  • Content Marketing (SEO-targeted, thematic blogging that drives organic traffic)
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Social Media Consulting

Tired of Feeling Invisible?

Our customers no longer struggle with high-quality content that converts, or gaining traction for industry-specific keywords and phrases.

We know what it feels like to have a beautiful product, service, and website that’s not gaining traffic from targeted pay-per-click adds or organic endeavors. We know the pain of poor conversion rates and the gut-wrenching punch of dried-up leads. We know how it feels to be virtually invisible in a competitive market propelled by a whirlwind of content.

Our team is comprised of professional writers who have spent years in the industry of writing, with several past and current university educators on staff. When it comes to representing your brand with gusto and authority for a competitive price, look no further than Dove Mountain Marketing.


Stand Out in the Digital Desert

At Dove Mountain Marketing, we understand you are the type of company that wants high organic traffic, self-qualified leads, and more sales.

In order to cut through the noise and climb through the search results for Google, you need consistently published SEO-tailored content.

The problem is you don’t have the time or experience to focus on content creation, which makes you feel stuck in content limbo and torn between other marketing endeavors.

We believe you deserve digital visibility. We understand how difficult it is to plan, develop, and execute educational and converting content - that's why we do it for you.

Here's How it Works

Step 1 

Choose a Package

Every company is different. Choose a package that fits your goals and budget.

Step 2

Book a Consultation

Fill out the onboarding paperwork and hop on a video call so we can clarify your voice, tone, message, and content goals, and how to optimize our marketing strategy.

Step 3

Publish Content

Put our SEO-driven and brand-tailored content to work by publishing on your blog, Linked-In, and social media.


Good Fits for Dove Mountain Marketing 

  • You’re a brand-new fledgling company that wants to start making a splash via blog posts, email campaigns, and lead generators. And, truth be told, maybe you would like some help creating a style guide to clarify your voice/tone.
  • You’re an older company (you’ve been around the block once or twice) and you think that this content/organic marketing has a nice ring to it – what the kids these days call [insert whatever new lingo here]. 
  • You’re a company that doesn’t have a large marketing team. Times are tough and marketing is usually the first department to be pruned back. Utilize our talent in the interim. Who knows, but we think you’ll choose to stay even after the marketing budget fleshes back out.


Bad Fits for Dove Mountain Marketing 

  • You don’t believe in On-Page SEO – you see absolutely no value in this SEO-mumbo-jumbo blog posts that you only have to pay for once (unlike PPC) and it lives on your website forever and always driving traffic and converting leads.
  • You don’t understand scope is scope. In layman’s terms – if it ain’t in the package/contract, we ain’t ‘gonna do it.
  • You hate coffee (*Note - we can work with this one, but only under extreme circumstances)

Get More Website Traffic 


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Content Marketing 

Content marketing via blogging is the easiest way to boost your on-page SEO and claim those integral keywords and phrases that are imperative to your industry. Blog posts are also the perfect medium to showcase your products and services. Educate your customers. Gain their trust and their business.

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Organic, inbound website traffic can take some time to snowball and then avalanche. Don't wait to hit that vital targeted traffic with our pay-per-click services.

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Social Media Consulting 

Gain greater social media engagement and more followers with our social media management consultations. 

"Attention is a limited commodity. You need to corner the market. We strive to win you high-quality leads via organic and pay-per-click traffic that converts."
Seth Slater
Seth Slater, Co-founder, Dove Mountain Marketing


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